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Mini Valet  -  90min service

* Pressure Pre - Wash Snow Foam (TFR)

* Exterior Hand Washed

*  Aqua Wax / Bodywork dried 

* Door and Boot shuts cleaned / fuel cap

* Vacuum interior / boot *

* Dashboard wiped / vents clean


* Dress exterior plastics (back to black)


* Tyres  dressed

* Wheels cleaned / dried


* Windscreen, windows  cleaned 

* Air freshend





  Price:   £40

Large 4x4: £50 2h service

Gives special attention to the interior. Designed for enhance Value of  the cars and like new feeling !

Is most popular following the lease returns or prior to selling.


The Full Valet service is a Mini Valet plus: Interior shampoo (seats, carpets, mats ) spare wheel area cleaned. Engine bay clean and hand bodywork Polish. 

Price: £120

* Wax / Paintwork Decontamination
(Tar, Iron) on request and extra charge

Full Valet - 4h service

Large 4x4: £150  5h service

Price may  increase  for dogs hair removal and extremely dirty cars 
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